Millions of students, workers, adults expected to join global wave of climate strikes in September

A huge wave of climate strikes is coming this September, with thousands of communities around the world taking to the streets starting on September 20th with a youth-led strike, and escalating towards the first ever General Strike for Climate on September 27th. Together, various groups and wider community organizations will organize additional actions in between making up the "Week for Future and Climate Justice". This will be a weeklong movement surrounding the UN Climate Summit to wake world leaders up to the truth of the climate crisis. By demonstrating people’s power, the organizers’ ambition to make this week a turning point in history will become a reality.

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Strikers are calling on people from all around the world to join a week of escalated climate action. This begins on the 20th of September with a youth-led climate strike, which will culminate in the first ever global general strike on the 27th. We’re calling on everyone to join this movement and stand with the youth who have been sacrificing their education to unleash an unprecedented demonstration of unified resistance around the world.

This is just the beginning: Plans are already in place for further action to continue pressuring governments and corporations. The next wave of internationally coordinated actions begins in October with the first materialisation of what will continue into 2020 as a convergence of many organizations united as a “movement of movements”, marking a turning point in human history.

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